Ostalpen auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

With my one-year old Cannondale bicycle and electric components of BioX, I wanted to cycle a greater range to try my own and my e-bicycle's limits. I've never been to the Dolomites, that's why I cycled through the Alps, Dolomites and the Julian Alps in Slovenia. The weather was great to ride but not good enough to shoot pictures of blue skies. I cycled from Bremgarten (CH) to Vienna on May 30th to 21st of June 2011.

Day 1 Monday, May 30, 2011
Kilometers: 106.28
Days Height: 1226 meters

The first breather at Lake Zug

Lake of Zug


Time tower


Zug with Arth in the background

Lake Zug with the Rigi in the background



Uri with Flüelen in the distance

I leave my home in Bremgarten at 8.a.m. and cycle toward the Swiss Alps. I know the route well; it is one of my training routes.
It is 30 km. to the city of Zug where is time for the first coffee break at the lakeshore. I have a thermos bottle which I fill with boiling water for instant coffee or soup.
The ride along the Lake of Zug to Arth is fantastic, without a cloud in the sky.
The Axenstrasse (road along the Lake of Uri) is now a pleasure to ride. A separate bike path makes it now possible to cycle the route without any risk of an accident.
I wanted to stay on the campground of Altdorf. But it's just after lunchtime; I opt for the onward journey towards the Gotthard. While my battery gets charged in a bike shop for about one hour, I have a look at Altdorf.
At 6 p.m. I'm in Göschenen to finish the day.

I have an hour break in Altdorf to walk around

Wassen, and its famous church which you see three times if you go by train.


The Tüfelstei


Day 2 Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Göschenen - Savognin
Kilometers: 129.24 =total 235.52
Days Height: -2052 =total --2178


The ascent to Andermatt

Suworow monument

The "Teufelsbrücke" devils bridge in the Schöllenenschlucht

Review on Andermatt.

It is only 5 km. to the Devil's Bridge and another 1 km uphill to Andermatt.
I park my bike at the Devil's Bridge, walk to the monument of the Russian general Suvorov who fought here at the Devil's Bridge in the gorge Schöllenen against the French. I take some photos and cycle to Andermatt for breakfast. An Italian couple in bike-gear sits down at my table. They will take the train to the Oberalppass and from there cycle along the Rhine to Basel. Last year they have done the route from Basel, all the way to the North Sea.
The battery lasts well until the Oberalppass at Level 1 (= 35% support).
On the way down from the Oberalppass (2044) to Bonaduz (665) the battery is recharged up to 50%. With this energy it's easy to reach Savognin, from Thusis even at Level 2 = 75% support.
At Ilanz I change to the right side of the Rhine and cycle up and down through the Rhine gorge via Versam. It is the quieter and more beautiful stretch.
Thusis - Savognin is not the best part to ride. I have to share the road with motorized traffic.
It begins to rain from Tiefencastel on, but I can pitch my tent in Savognin without rain.
The campground has a drying room. This allows me to dry everything that got wet, including my hand washed bike clothes.
From the weather forecast report I hear that it snows on the Julierpass. Oha, that's not good news.

Descent through the Surselva (anterior Rhine)

The Rhine Gorge

This working lighthouse symbolizes

the connection of the Rhine

from source to the North Sea.

This village well has recently been replaced. The old one (stone) was running from everywhere

From this hill you have everything under control.

The spectacular Rhine gorge between Ilanz and Bonaduz

About the electric components of BionX.
(The pressure with which I step on the pedals is measured by the computer. I can choose out of four options with which support I want to cycle).
1st. = 35%
2nd = 75%
3rd = 150%
4th = 300%

Day 3 Wednesday 01 June 2011-06-26
Due to snow on the Julier Pass, I have to stay for one day.
But I'm not bored in Savognin. The day went by in a flash.

Savognin and the river

Julia (Gelgia)

I see not many half-timbered houses in Grisons. In this house from 1631, the upper floor was probably built later.>

This lake is adjacent to the campground in Savognin.

Day 4 Thursday 02 June 2011
Savognin - Zernez
Kilometers: -75.28 = total 310.8
Days Height: 1192 = total -3370

Julierpass (Oberhalbstein)

Marmorerareservoir >


<Little water and no snow.

It hasn't rained last night, the tent is completely dry.
With a full battery (a full charge of the battery is 380 watts, the cost of a kilowatt is about 20 cents, that makes 7 cents for one charge).
Over a distance of 26 kilometers, I'm going to climb the 1000 meters ascent up to the Julierpass.
I cycle along the artificial lake of Marmorera. Here are still trees, but after Bivio the scenery changes to Alpine character.
In Bivio I have a coffee break; additionally I drink a pint of water with 300 - 600 Mg magnesium against muscle cramps.
At the summit it is 10 ° C. and sometimes the sun peeps out through the clouds.

The Julierpass descent ends in Silvaplana, the second lake from the Maloja Pass. The water from the Inn flows into the Danube near Passau.

That pleases me, cycling down the pass with many sharp bends and a wet road is not pleasant.
On the descent towards Engadin I have a beautiful view over the lake of Silvaplana and Champfer.
Getting to St. Moritz I have a lunch break. I enjoy the sun on a bench at Lake St. Moritz.
I have to cycle only 30 km for the afternoon through the valley of Engadin to Zernez, so I can take it easy.
Although I have often cycled through the relatively wide valley, I enjoy it all over again.

Lake of St.Moritzer


The river Inn in Oberengadin

A beautiful landscape and

crystal clear water

A hamlet close to Zernez (Chapella)

Day 5 Friday 03 June 2011
Zernez - St. Mary (Val Müstair)
Kilometers: 40.56 = total 351.36
Days Height: -960 = total --4330

The Grisons houses are often

painted or plastered nicely.

Ascent to Ova Spin

The temperature is fine to cycle passes, the sky is overcasted but it doesn't rain. Today, two smaller passes are on the agenda, the Ova Spin and the Ofen Pass. This is ideal for my e-bike. The battery can partially recharge on the way down after reaching the first pass.
It's still preseason, so the roads are less busy; from time to time I encounter a car or motorcycle.
For the first coffee break I sit down on a bench in Ova Spin, to see how racing cyclists whizzes by. A few make also a short break and then start in crazy speed towards Punt da Dossa. There, cyclists can take a shuttle bus through the tunnel to Italy (Livigno). Because of the many accidents in recent years, cycling through the tunnel is not allowed. It must be a club because they all wear the same bike clothes.
The campsite in Sta. Maria is just after the first bent on the way to the Umbrailpass.
I put my tent close to the electric console so I can recharge my batteries for bike, radio and mobile phone in the tent.

I get to the top of Ova Spin, now down to Punt la Dossa and

up to second Slope, the Ofen Pass.

The ascent of the Ofenpass

Sta.Maria in Münstertal

Day 6 Saturday 04 June 2011
Sta. Maria - Golden Rain (Vinschgau)
Kilometers: 63.64 =total -415
Days Height:1382 =total 5712

Looking back on Sta.Maria.

The Umbrailpass is a jewel.

From km 6 on there is no asphalt, for 1 km

The customs house at the pass.

Unfortunately, fog but ideal temperature.

Still 350 meters to Stelvio.

A very nice climb to the Umbrailpass, especially the first 6 miles through a pine forest with many switchbacks. 6 Km from Sta.Maria the road is not paved for one kilometer, but bikeable.
After a while the trees disappear and I cycle through a barren alpine landscape with remains of snow from last winter.
When I arrive at the top of the Umbrail, (The pass is also the border with Italy) the customs house and the restaurant next to it are closed. I expected that I would have to charge my battery, but it is still not completely empty. Let's see if I can do it with the remaining power to the Stelviopass, another 350 meter higher.
The Stelvio Pass (2757m.) is the second highest pass of the Alps, 5 feet higher is the Col de I'Iseran (2762m.) at the Italian / French border.
I reach the top of the pass and find an incredible crowd of people. I did not count the many Motorbikes but there are definitely over a hundred.
Skiers coming down from the higher peaks and have to unbuckle their skis, because the snow is missing on the road.

On top of the Stelvio.

No lack of motorcycles.

It goes down from 2757m. to 897m.

The weather is extremely changeable; sometimes the sun shines, and sometimes I feel drops of rain. Again and again the clouds prevent views of the surrounding mountains, but after 5 minutes, they disappear.
I put on warm cloths, because now the curvy descent starts from 2750 to 887 meters into the valley of the Adige; Vinschgau.
The recuperation (recharge) is fantastic. Not only gets the battery recharged, but also because I can regulate the downhill speed by choosing one of the 4 stages of recuperation. If it gets too fast in the curves I must, of course, help with the hand brakes.
Down in the Valley I buy food for tomorrow, Sunday.
At about 16. p.m. I'm in Goldrain at a campground "camping Cevedale". I pitch my tent for the night and make an evening stroll through the village

Clouds and sun.

Five minutes and the

rain is over

Tight curves, it is OK for my bike but difficult for motorbikes.

High alpine character disappears,

and I'm down in the valley Vinchgau.

Day 7 Sunday 5 June 2011
Gold Rain - Bolzano
Kilometers:73.67 = total 488.67
Days Height: 106 = total --5818

An inhabited castle in Goldrain.

Almost 40km bike path to Merano.

Now and then a castle or fortress.

Village with vineyards on the slopes,

and super smooth bike paths.

A few more switchbacks.

I'm not in a hurry with departure; today will be an easy day. I follow the Adige River, flowing towards the Adriatic Sea via Merano and Bolzano. Almost the entire route consists of bike paths.
Merano is the first city with a little southern character (palm trees) in which I take a sightseeing tour and have lunch.
On the way I meet a man who does a one-day bike tour with his daughter. He explains to me how they have solved the problem of language in South Tyrol.
Since 1918, the then Austrian part of Tyrol, was given to Italy, as a worthwhile compensation after the First World War. The population has very well defended their right to keep their language, quite different in the Vosges, where German is not spoken anymore by younger people. Now each student can choose whether he wants to go to an Italian or German school. If they want to apply to a governmental office, they have to master both languages and pass an examination.

Before Meran a wooden bridge over the Adige.

A few pictures from

the city of Merano.

The gate of Bolzano.>

Through Merano flows the river Passer.

I'm cycling back and forth through Bolzano in order to get an impression of the city and make a few pictures.
At the campground I meet a couple who is traveling from Berlin to Venice. We spend the evening in the arbor of the camping restaurants and have a lively exchange of cycle touring.

An alley in Merano.

The Castle in Bolzano

Church with fresco in Merano.

Day 8 Whit Monday 6 June 2011
Bolzano - Wolkenstein (Selva di Val Gardena)
Kilometers: -56.63 = total 545.30
Days Height: 1467 = total ---7285

The monastery of Muri-Gries in Bolzano. It is in close relationship with Muri, Hermetschwil and Sarnen in Switzerland.

I cycle to the monastery Muri-Gries to get brochures.
I live near the monastery Hermetschwil and Muri in Switzerland.
The relationships of these three monasteries are very near to each other. In 1841 the government of the canton of Aargau has dissolved all 8 monasteries of its Canton. The monks moved from Switzerland to Bolzano. Even now there are monks from Switzerland living in Muri-Gries (Bozen).
I cycle up 30 kilometers the river Isarco till Ponte Gardena, all on bike paths. After a short tunnel the Gardena Valley begins for the first 9 km. The slope is not easy. I have to climb up to 14%, and then the slope gets easier.
Through the villages of Ortisei, Sta.Christina and Selva di Val Gardena it rises another 300 meters.

Muri-Gries in Bozen

Muri in Freiamt (Switzerland)

Monastery Hermetschwil (2km from my home in Bremgarten)

Just before I get to Selva it starts to rain and not just a bit. On the main street I see the tourist info. For € 35 I make a reservation at Garni Etruska a perfect accommodation. Luckily it doesn't rain too long. Soon the sun comes out and I get a nice view of the mountains, the Sella group, and the first view of the Dolomites.
My landlady confirms the statements of the South Tyrolean yesterday concerning the free choice of language in school. Here in the Gardena Valley, however, they speak Ladin. As I listened at the tourist info to the telephone conversation between the woman and my landlady, I thought that is not Italian. It sounds like the Rhaeto-Romanic languages; people speak in Graubünden (Switzerland). Most road signs are written in three languages, Ladin, German and Italian.

About 30 km. towards the Brunrnerpass along the river

Isarco up to Waidbruck.

The next 9 km. the ascent

goes up to 14%.

A small hamlet with restaurant.

Sankt Christina

At the torrent you can see how steep. >

Selva in val Gardena with Sellamountains

Day 9 Tuesday 07 June 2011
Selva - Cortina d'Ampezzo
Kilometers: 60.10 = total 605.40
Days Height:1361 = total --8646

Looking back at Selva

I turn left towards Passo Gardena.

This mountain is one of the Sassolungo

B & B has the advantage that I can leave immediately after breakfast, without packing. In Selva (1567m.) the ascent begins to Passo Gardena (2121). I am now in the middle of the Dolomites, a big difference with our alpine granite rocks. The Limestone Mountains give such a bizarre shapes.

Grödner Joch (Pso di Gardena)

Bizarre forms.

A pleasant descent to Corvara.

Breather in Corvara.

Ascent to Valparola

Looking back to La Villa (Stern)

Restaurant at the pass.

Many passes have a small lake.

Passo Valparola

The descent to Corvara in Badia is adorable. Landscape, road and weather conditions are ideal for cycling. Many switchbacks lead down the valley.
I arrive at lunchtime in Corvara. For me, time for a hearty soup, and other fine things from my luggage bag. The need for something salty is great, after loosing so much sweat.
Another 5 km north of Corvara I get to Stern (La Villa 1433m.). If I continue down the valley, I would get to in Brunico (Val Pusteria). However, I am going direction south-east to Valparolapass (2192m.). On the way to the pass I leave the county of Tyrol and enter into the province of Belluno. From the top of Valparola it is going down to Passo di Folzarego (2105). From here I cycle 10 km down the mountain to the campsite Rocchetta (1125), in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Passo di Falzarego

Cortina d' Ampezzo

Day 10 Wednesday 08 June 2011
Rest day in Cortina d 'Ampezzo.

Cortina d' Ampezzo ^>

Seen from the campsite

It rained all night, until 10 a.m.
I decide to stay here for another night and take the bus to town. One of the two cyclists I met at the campground comes with me to the city, a Mexican who lived the longest part of his life in America. Here I spend my time with sightseeing, internet, coffee and cake and food purchases for the next time. In the afternoon it starts to rain again and I spent some time as the sole customer in a restaurant. Sometimes people walk in, have an espresso and drink it standing at the bar, exchange news in Italian, the vernacular language spoken here.

Day 11 Thursday 09 June 2011
Cortina d 'Ampezzo - Maria Luggau (Austria)
Kilometers: 85.99 total = 691.39
Days Height:1352 total = --9998

On the way to the Tre Croci there is almost no traffic.

At the pass, the mountains are covered with clouds.

Pass Tre Croci

At Lago di Misurina, I should have a view to the mountains.

As a replacement I bought a postcard of the Tre Crime di Lavaredo.

My bike-buddy from Vancouver accompanied me 20 km.

Lake of Toblach

The bicycle path through the Pustertal goes along the Drau (Drava) to Lienz. From Dobbiaco it is approximately 50 km.

I have two options to get to the Lesachtal (Austria), the easier route to the north or along the Tre Croci Pass. I choose the latter, it should be the more beautiful, I get along the lake Misurina and the mountain Tre Crime di Lavaredo.
The slope from 1200 to 1800 meters is not strenuous. It is a very beautiful and peaceful route; I encounter not a single car.
At the pass I'm taking some photos and suddenly see the Mexicans from yesterday come up the mountain.
Together we go down and pas the Lago di Misurina. From here one should have a nice view of the three Peaks; Tre Crime. Unfortunately, the whole mountain range has disappeared into the mist. I buy a postcard so I can imagine what I miss.
We go together another 8 km. to the junction at Schluderbach. Here we part ways. He travels to the west, back to Cortina and me towards Austria.

3 Chapels built together.^

All three churches of San Candido.

Baroque church>

Ecclesiastical church Romanesque style, from the year 1140 A.C.(San Candido)

50 km bike path to Lienz.

Castle in Sillian

The meadows are in full bloom.

500 meters ascent from Pustertal to Gärber Tilliachertal (5km)

Many huts and two chapels.

View from the campsite / restaurant in Maria Luggau.

From Toblach to the junction of the Lesachtal is 20km. I drive on a paved bicycle trail, always accompanied by the young river Drava, which source is in the valley Sextental.
In Innichen I have a break. I'm amazed of three churches build very close together in such a little village. I find out later that the first church consists of three chapels build to each other. Impressive is the sacred building in the Romanesque style of the 12th century. The third is a Franciscan church in Baroque style.
3 km. after Sillian I leave the young Drava, which I will see later in Slovenia again, just a bit wider.
A good 300 meters climbing and I can cycle down the Lesachtal.
The closest campground is in Maria Luggau. It is a restaurant with a couple of terraced levels to campers or tents. For dinner, I am invited by a Dutch couple to take a seat at their table. They come from the flower capital of Holland, Aalsmeer. We have a nice evening and chat about this and that.

Day 12 Friday 10th June 2011
Maria Luggau - Lake Cavazzo
Kilometers: -88.19 = total 779.58
Days Height: 1015 = total 11 013

Review Lesachtal^

<At St. Jacob in Lesachtal I can see the way of the Cross with the 12 Stations.

These flowers were freshly cut.

The surrounding mountains are partly overcasted of low-lying clouds. The sun peeps out and the roads are dry.
I cycle down the valley for about 26 km to the junction of the Plöckenpass in Mouthen.
A few kilometres before Mouthen I go through St. Jacob in Lesachtal and see on a hill a way of the Cross with the 12 stations. A woman who passes by confirms that the inhabitants do the Stations of the Cross every Sunday. So it's not a tourist attraction but ancient tradition.

Climb to Plöckenpass = Karnische Dolomite Road.

Pass 1357m

Before I begin with the Plöckenpass, I'll buy food for the day in Kötschach and have a cup of coffee with cake in a restaurant. I take notes from the photos and descriptions of what happened yesterday, because it got late. There are so many new impressions each day, that when I don't take notes I forget many things.
Up to the Plöckenpass is only 650 meters of a climb over a length of 13 kilometres with a maximum gradient up to 9%. The pass is also the national border with Italy.

Constructed by soldiers for peaceful use.

Descent road from the Plöckenpass

to Tolmezzo.


Befor Tolmezzo

The river Tagliamento

On the other side, it looks very different, steep, tight turns, switchbacks and many tunnels and galleries.
After 50 kilometres I'm in Tolmezzo, the last major town before Slovenia. But Slovenia will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Today I am going to Lake Cavazzo where a campground is located. There is already Michael from France; which I met in Cortina d'Ampezzo our tents were next to each other. That small is the world.

The Julian Alps in the background.

The campground at Lake Cavazzo in Alesso.

Day 13 Saturday 11th June 2011
Lake Cavazzo - Tolmin (Slovenia)
Kilometers: 88.20 = total 867.78
Days Height:1317 = total 12 330

Farewell Michael

a wide riverbed

Highway with Moggio in the background

A mountain pass, unthinkable for camper or coach.

Through a forest and 4 km 14-18% gradient.


Finally, the pass (without a helmet) sweating like a bear.

I say goodbye to Michael at 10:15, I couldn't start earlier due to rain. Along the lake I'm going back to the main road that leads towards Tarvisio and Austria.
I cross the wide river bed of the Tagliamento, and a few km. further I'll be in the Valle di Resia.
The road runs along a creek and rises with approximately 6 to 7% to the small village Lischiazze. I make a stop at the forest edge. Have water with magnesium, a soup, a cappuccino and something sweet, because I have sweated quite a bit. I com across a sign, indicating, that the slope is up to 12% for the next 4 kilometers. It goes up on a very small road with switchbacks. I put my bike computer display on altitude reading. It's not 12 but 14 to 18%.
Support of 35% is no longer enough and I hope the batteries lasts for level 2 = 75% to the summit. After all, the bike weighs 25 pounds, the same is my luggage and I'm 60 kilos and all has to go to the top.

Secluded life far from civilization.

The last village in Italy, Uccea.

I saw no one.

I come from Val Resia.


In the valley of the Soca

On top I have to recover a bit, change clothes and drink all my drinking supply. Unfortunately, I don't find drinking fountains in the villages, like in Switzerland.
The sign on the top shows 1086 meters of altitude. With an ascent of 14 to 18% the last 4 kilometers, it was the most exhausting slope I've ever cycled.
I cycle down the mountain to Slovenia. At the border it goes straight up again and changes gear too hastily and the chain is off the sprocket. No big deal, but at this moment it begins a pour down rain. Is that the welcome of Slovenia?
Quickly I get my pelerine and wait 5 minutes until the worst is over.
7 km. and I'm in the valley of the So?a, a river with clear water which is known for kayaking.
The campground is still closed in Tolmin but I hear loud music, see people dance on a stage, so there must be something going on, I'll just go out and ask. To pitch my tent is no problem and even I can take a shower and that is all I want. After showering, a polonaise begins and I have to participate. I put my toiletries in a corner and I'm already active on the dance stage.
Later while I set up my tent, the cook comes by and gives me 5 little sausages, sauces, vegetables and bread. What a welcome!

The atmosphere is excellent.

The boss from the Camp event.

Day 14 Sunday, June 12, 2011
Tolmin - Smlednik (Ljubljiana)
Kilometers: 100.97 = total 968.75
Days Height: --843 = total 13 173

The river Soca becomes a reservoir in Tolmin.

What a river! Nothing but crystal clear water.

At Baca pri Modreju I go along the railway line from Trieste to Villach.

A one-way track.

From Kneza on the ascent begins.

Easy to get in, in Podbrdo

I leave the camp-leader who is cleaning in the early morning.
Yesterday at 11:30 p.m. the music stopped and after 30 minutes it was quiet.
After a few miles at Ba?a pri Modreju I encounter a railway line, partly a monorail from Trieste to Villach.
I follow the river and railway up to Podbrdo. There is a tunnel to the other side of the Mountains
3 times a day a train comes along, but on Sunday I don't know. I inquire at what time the train will come. "You're lucky, in 7 minutes, it should be here," they tell me in English.
A ticket can be bought in the train. So much luck doesn't happen every day.
Otherwise I would have to make a detour of 31 km and have to cross a pass of 600 meters.
It must have been the ladybird who landed on my handlebar bag this morning and got a lift for a while.

But not easy to get out.

The approximately 10 km Tunnel starts here.

On the plateau Bohinjska - Bled.

Crystal clear water and beautiful places for kayaking.

Everywhere are such covers to dry grass.

I leave the train after 8 km. tunnel in Bohinjska Bistrica, and I'm in the headwaters of the Sava River. This river I'll follow the rest of the day, and tomorrow morning.
In the resort of Bled I have lunch. A Swiss couple notices on my fender the TCS (Swiss AA sign) and speaks to me in Swiss German. The woman takes a photo of me with the lake and castle in the background.
The journey towards Ljuljana goes smoothly and shortly before the capital I see a camping sign. I follow the signs and put up my tent in Smlednik.

The Island at Bled can be reached

by a wooden boat (Pletna)

A Swiss woman offered me to take this picture.

Dog contest.



On the route Bled - Ljubljana


Tag 15 Montag 13 Juni 2011
Smlednik - Prebold
Kilometer: 102.06 = total 1070.81
Tageshöhe: --654 = total --13827

Three bridges side by side.


In the center

Bike path between train tracks and the river Sava.

Barn and at the same time hay drying.

A quiet place for picnic.

After 20 km. cycling I'm in the center of Ljubljana. I take a few pictures, buy some food, fruit and fill my bottles with water.
Whit Monday is a normal working day. All shops are open and in the Centre there is market.
The river Ljubljanica runs through the city. East of the capital, the river joins the Sava which I have to follow the next 50 km. There is no need to look on my map until Trbovlje. I cycle nearly all the way on cycle paths with the river Sava on my left side.
After Trbovlje an ascent of 400 meters leads up to the pass Podmeja (724 m.) on a quiet road with many curves. Only 6 km. from the top is Prebold with a Camping sign on my map. The campground is out of business but I got a tip that there is still a second one in the village, a private space. (Camp Dolina) Two campers, you guess it, a Dutch and a German, are on a large, flat and beautifully cut lawn in a relatively new area. Everything spotless cleaned, heated swimming pool included.
There is even a shelter for my bike with electrical connection. What does a cyclist needs more?

The river Sava^

We use a different name.>

The landscape between Trbovlje und Prebold

A small pass

Day 16 Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Prebold - Brunn (Austria)
Kilometers: 97.51 = total 1169.32
Days Height: -830 = total -14 657

Shelter with electricity.

I come across many hop fields.

Small church with paintings

Large church with not many houses.

Many signs of piety


Almost all bike paths from Velenje to Dravograd. Here, along a river.

My tent is dry, it's a long time ago that it happened.
The cost is € 7 for a night. In Slovenia, I've never paid more than € 8.50 including electricity for the battery.
Today I am cycling a lot of bike paths. Velenje to Dravograd the whole cycle path is almost paved, and what is not paved they are working on. In Dravograd I meet the river Drava, which I cycled along five days ago in Italy / Austria and is, as expected, a bit broader.
I follow the river 20 km. to Radlje, the begin of the Radlpass. It is 5 km and a 300 meters ascent to the top, which is also the country's border with Austria. The road is prohibited for campers. Probably because the 14% slope on the other side to Eibiswald is too steep. I don't find it that steep; probably I would have, if I had to go up.
3 km. after Eibiswald I turn on a smaller road to Brunn / Pölfing. There is a nice campground, especially for kids with a lot of opportunities to play and a small lake for swimmers and non swimmers.
I put my tent next to an electric and water console.

The Drau becomes wider.

This pass is not allowed for camping cars.

<Community work Austria. / Slovenian.

The camping in Brunn has a lot of opportunities to play for young and old, and a lake for swimmer and no swimmer.

<In Wies there is a Statue of Liberty, it lacks a spike from her crown.

Day 17 Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Brunn - Bruck a.d. Mur (Leoben)
Kilometers: 112.45 = total 1281.77
Days Height: - 549 = total --15 206

On country roads I cycle to Graz and

buy myself a ticket back home.

Beautiful building but don't want to live there yet. (Graveyard)

Frohnleiten a beautiful and pleasant city with fountains

and water features.

Shortly after 08:00 the boss comes over to settle. € 5 is far the cheapest night of this trip.
I avoid the big roads and cycle overland to Graz. I calculate how many days I need to Vienna and buy a ticket for the return journey by train to Zurich. I book a couchette so I'll be awake in the early morning in Zurich.
The next goal is Frohnleiten. Once I'm out of the city of Graz the bike path begins. Sometimes the path is on the right sometimes on the left of the river Mur. Rarely I have to share the road with motorized traffic.
Shortly before Frohnleiten should be the campground. I fail to see the place. It is still early in the afternoon, the weather is fine and there are only 27 km. to Bruck a.d. Mur.
The campground belongs to a restaurant with a modest lawn for a few campers and tents.

A beautiful and long bike path,

left is the river and only a few

cyclists. Change to the other side.


<Bruck a.d. Mur ^

Day 18 Thursday, June 16, 2011
Bruck a.d. Mur - Mariazell (Erlaufsee)
Kilometers: 76.95 = total 1358.72
Days Height:1031 = total -16 237

Kapfenberg, a city adorned with flowers,

even the bridges

Always along the stream.

Now and then a castle.

The road does not disturb.

The surrounding mountains are still a bit overcasted with clouds, but the roads are dry.
In Kapfenberg I turn left towards Thörl. Kapfenberg is strikingly decorated with many flowers. In the centre, on bridges, everywhere caskets with flowers.
I have a second breakfast in Thörl with view to a castle.
The next 12 km, I'm on a bike path, along a creek.
After Thörl, I share the road now and then with motorized traffic, but also long sections are separated.
The ascent on the next 15km. is between 4 and 6% until Seewiesen then begins a small pass, the Seebergsattel (1254). In Graßnitz I notice at the edge of a forest something like a satellite reception dish and a building complex, but cannot find out the reason for why they are placed there.
On the ascent a camper passed by with a Dutch license plate. On the summit, they'll wait for me; it is the family of Aalsmeer I've met 7 days ago in Lesachtal. They had recognized me and wanted to say hallo on their way home, what a coincidence.

Between Thörl and Seewiesen the slope is moderate.


A small lake before the ascent.

The 400 meters descents is steep enough to cycle in the highest Recuperation level 4 and recharge the battery well.
In the village Gusswerk it's time for lunch. It is 30º C but dark clouds appear on the sky.
Mariazell is a pleasant city with a pilgrimage church. The church is a mixture of Gothic and Baroque, and elevated to Basilica in 1908 (founded 1157).
I buy a few postcards in one of the many souvenir shops. The saleswoman says to me: "You can write with a clear conscience, Mariazell is the biggest pilgrimage site in Austria." In fact, there are dozens of pilgrim ways from all corners of Austria who lead to Mariazell.
I just can escape a heavy downpour into a restaurant. With a cup of chocolate milk and a piece of cake I take my time to describe my cards.
A man speaks to me on the marketplace and asked if I have been in Corsica last year. Yes is my answer. Now he tells me where we have met and slowly the memory comes back to me. Such a coincidence.
The campground is located at Erlaufsee, 4 km north of Mariazell. On a paper I read that the chief will be back tomorrow 6 a.m.

Again the family from Aalsmeer.

Seebergsattel auf 1254m.

On the summit

Between the pass and Gusswerk^

Basilika in Mariazell>

Between the villages a lot of rest.

Day 19 Friday 17 June 2011
Mariazell - Marbach a.d. Danube
Kilometers: 88.43 = total 1447.15
Days Height: 690 = total --16 927

This morning I'm in hilly terrain

and less populated areas.

Here in Puchenstube

In the center of Scheibbs

Before these hills flows the Danube.

After the first 4 km. I have to take out my pelerine and spats. It rains four hours continuously, the worst morning of my trip.
There are 3 smaller Passes until I get to the flatter land starting in St. Anton a.d. Jesnitz.
The streets are now dry and I have a lunch break in Scheibbs. It now looks as if the summer comes back.
From Scheibbs until the Danube at Ybbs it is not the best route. I have to share the road with the increasing traffic.
In Ybbs I get on the famous Danube cycle path from Passau to Vienna.
I can cycle two days on a paved bike path until the state capital.
I am glad that the sun shines continuously. At 4 p.m. I pitch my tent on the campground of Marbach and in a short time everything gets dry what I had to pack up wet this morning.

At Ybbs I have reached the Danube. From now on it's downhill

on paved bike trails.

Schloss Artstetten at Marbach

The Leisure harbour


Day 20 Saturday 18 Juni2011
Marbach - Zwentendorf
Kilometers: 83.90 = total 1531.05
Days Height: --72 = total -16 999

Passau - Vienna

Stift Melk



A group of racing cyclists from Bern.

From the days height you can see that the terrain is quite even level.
I leave Marburg with an overcast sky and the radio announcement is right when predicting rain only in the evening.
It is a totally different day than all previous ones. Although no season, many cyclists are traveling with baggage, sometimes whole groups of cyclist. I come along picturesque villages; on the surrounding hills I see some castles.
I pass the Abbey of Melk. Several years ago I attended a guided tour, therefore, I continue.

I cycle through quaint villages.

<like here in Spitz with a castle

The Danube and the

town Weissenkirchen

After Mautern / Kerns I pass by a Benedictine monastery Göttweig, it is located on a mountain.
In a sluice gate at Altenwörth there is a big long holiday boat. The trip from Passau to Vienna takes a few days and dock in places well worth seeing.
In Zwentendorf is a campground and I wonder if I should call it a day. There are several advantages to pitch my tent. Next to the camping there is a restaurant, a supermarket in the village, and above all that there are dark clouds in the sky.
The next campsite in Tulln is still 12 km away
After setting up my tent and showering it begins to rain. It was the right decision to stay here.


The last 2 days of my trip I cycle along the Danube. ^

Narrow streets and cozy village on the Danube.>

Stift Göttweig

The bridge at Mautern

Day 21 Sunday June 19, 2011
Zwentendorf - Vienna (Camping West)
Kilometers: 69.33 = total 1600.38
Days Height: -485 = total --17 484

Passau - Vienna would be an alternative on such a ship.

The terraces are already well occupied on this fine Sunday morning.

Sculptures in bronze with fountain.

The tent is dry, contrary to my expectation. Soon the sun comes out.
It is 15 km. to the centre of Tulln. I celebrate the Sunday by visiting a confectioner's on a terrace and have a cup of coffee with cake. I'm not alone, there are already many cyclists.
Always along the right side of the Danube, I pass Klosterneuburg. A river flows along a monastery, which they renovate. Young canoeists have built an exercise section, with hanging poles over the river. I watch as they drive through gates and around big boulders. Too bad that the gradient is not steeper.
A campground is located on the bike path. I inquire which camping in Vienna is conveniently located for me.
There are three camps in the city. I get a plan with their addresses. For such cases, I have my GPS. I change it to cyclist and follow the instructions. Unfortunately the device does not take into account the topography. He sends me from mountain to mountain, from Grinzing, and the Höhenweg along the forest.
Surely through the city would be the easier solution, but if it's the nicest way, I doubt it. So I'm not unsatisfied with the leadership. I have a good support with my BionX.

Official Danube bike path sign. The 6 stands for European Trail 6, from the Atlantic coast to the Black Sea.

The town of Klosterneuburg.

When editing the photos I saw that the name of this ship is Basel.

Target achieved

A sailing school on the Danube

Day 22 and 23 Monday / Tuesday 20 and June 23, 2011
Sightseeing in Vienna by bicycle and on foot
Kilometers: 33.89 = total 1634.27
Days Height: 143 = total --17 627



Coaches an old tradition

Joseph II

The Riesenrad (giant wheel)

A world traveler from Latvia

With a map I got from the reception I take the bike to get into the city. The center is car free. Vienna has a big problem with so many cars. It is difficult here to get a place. There are probably not enough car parks.
Luckily, I don't have to look for a gap. In the center there is pedestrian area and I'm going to continue on foot. I've still two days to go.
First I pass the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) with the Spanish Riding School, Palm House and the courtyard garden. Via St. Stephen's Cathedral I get to the Prater with its Giant Wheel (Riesenrad). The day goes by in a flash.

Coach prior to the Spanish Riding school




Work from the in

Vienna-born artist


Tuesday, I make all things ready for the train in the evening, at 22:26 p.m. to Zurich.
I spend the afternoon at Schönbrunn.
In the station buffet I met two cyclists from my canton. One even has his business a few 100 metres from my home in Bremgarten.
I have a sleeper compartment all for myself. After a while it starts to stink horribly. The train stops at a small station and I have to change into another car. The procedure is one and a half hour and with this delay I get to Zurich.
Zurich - Bremgarten are only 20 km with a very small pass, the Mutschellen 550m.


Schloss Schönbrunn

Neptunbrunnen with Schloss

Schönbrunn with the city in the background


The cycled passes

Oberalppass 2046 CH Stilfser Joch 2757 It Podmeja 724 Sl
Julier 2284 CH Grödner Joch 2121 It Radlpass 650 Sl/At
Ova Spin 1886 CH Valparola 2192 It Seebergsattel 1254 At
Ofenpass 2149 CH Falzarego 2105 It      
Umbrail 2503 CH Tre Croci 1809 It      
      Plöckenpass 1360 It/At      
      Sella Garnizza 1086 It