Monday, March 24th, 2003  - Guadix, 66 km.

The way out of town is easy to find. To the south, a circle road goes over the Rio Aguas. Follow this river to Los Blancares Pass, 1297 meters above sea level. (Granada ca, 700 meters above sea level) A nice valley, to the left the snow-covered Sierra Nevada and to the right the river snaking along. In Guadix I stopped by the Tourist Office and picked up a city map as well as an address for accommodation. Of the 21,000 inhabitants, a third live in cave dwellings and it was clear to me that I also wanted to stay overnight in this fashion. I got a 4-room apartment which was fitted out modernly with fridge, microwave, shower, toilet etc. , an archway joining each room to the next. Everything was carved out of the mountain.

Pass between Granada and Guadix

The caves of Guadix


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