Starting at Altdorfand cycling the Klausen- as well as Pragel-Pass on

19th +20th September 2003.

The next 23 Km

Start in Bürglen


I have arrived Altdorf by car at 10.00. In Bürglen, the hometown of Wilhelm Tell. I have found a suitable place to park my car for two days. I filled the water bottles and added two Magnesium tablets.

The journey up to the mountains was about to get started. The altimeter showed 520m over sea level. The road went up straight at a continuous inclination of about 5 to 6 %. At Spirigen and Unterschächen some hairpin bends allowed the gain of height. At Urigen I came across of nicely decorated cows. Their bells were heard quite from a distance. I have shot some pictures to remember.

Than, at the right side of a curve a saw an inviting restaurant with terrace, an opportunity to relax and have a late breakfast. The first 700m of altitude have been managed. Again the road went straight up at an inclination of 6%. Than I have passed the Hotel Klausenpass and had a beautiful view back to the Schächental. A short effort was needed to do the remaining 100m altitude and than I was on top of the pass at 1950m. Here I had a second stop for food intake and a couple from the Rheintal has joined me. They drove after at the same speed either ahead or behind me and it were nice to chat with like-minded. The down hill biking had a different character. Once arrived at Linthal, only 12km were left to reach the 100m lower situated county capital Glarus. As I had counter-wind, it took me some strength to get down the hill.

I have intended to erect the tent and pass the night at Klöntal. Before I had dinner at Glarus, a refreshment before the climb-up from Riederen, over 4 km to the 400m higher place. Once the tent was set-up and once I had shower and have adjusted my water balance, night has already fallen. At almost New Moon and low air pollution I got aware of the huge number of stars.

A look back at the valley of Schächen

Herd of cows coming from the hills before snowfall


The Pragelpass is closed for private traffic from Richisau to the pass-height. The other side of the pass towards Muotathal remains open. From the Camping place to the peak of the pass 700m of altitude have to be mastered and thatís not an easy task. Because of the steep 14% inclination, I sometimes had to climb-up, putting the 1st gear and the speed dropped to lean 6km/h. The weight of my luggage is 14kg, nearly as much as the one of my bicycle. With continuous speed and unimpressed about the numerous racers riding their 10kg bikes, I managed the climb-up. Itís nice that restaurants are available at virtually all the passes. A strong soup and a half litre of non-alcoholic beer have helped me to adjust the water- and electrolytic balance of my body.

900m difference of altitude at 12km! Very small roads and narrow curves have turned the descent to an excellent experience. The wound road with up to 18% inclination leads through woods.

From Muotathal it takes 15km to the railway station of Brunnen. From there I have taken the train to Altdorf, as cycling the Axenstrasse on a sunshine-weekend with all itís heavy traffic would not have been comfortable.

On the summit of the Klausenpass

On weekends only for bikes